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Super Shrimp

The Super Shrimp was inspired by the multitude of shrimp patterns we see on Instagram and was made possible due to the introduction of the Flymen Fishing Company Shrimp and Crayfish Tail.  Thanks to the tail's special design, the hook point rides upright, and the fly swims backwards.  The head of the fly is tied using fur from a tan zonker strip, two barred pink legs, pearl flash, tan dubbing, and black monofilament eyes.  A bit of dark brown estaz chenille helps add contrast to the white estaz chenille body and finishes off the head.  At the front of the hook or tail of the shrimp, diamond wing fiber is dubbed to create a taper down the Flymen tail.


Hook size:  Short Shank Saltwater size 4.

Super Shrimp

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