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Spicy Cicada

Another one of our patterns that drew inspiration from social media, the Spicy Cicada fufilled FB2B's longtime need for a deadly cicada imitation.  The fly is similar to our Chernobyl Ant in using two layers of foam, orange on the bottom and black on the top, for the body.  Beneath the foam, black estaz chenille creates more bulk as well as a fish-catching shine.  Three pairs of orange and black crazy legs add life-like movement, and Z-lon creates the characteristic wing.  For the head of the fly, we opt for a Flymen Fishing Company Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Head because of its unique ability to create extra noise.  To cover up the many wraps required to tie down this much foam, we add black dubbing.


Hook size:  2x Nymph size 8.

Spicy Cicada

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