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Here is a picture of our set-up from 2014 along with our first dollar!

Here is a picture of our current set-up.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the upgrade!

We appreciate all of our business partners and friends who have helped FB2B grow!

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At our 5th year being vendors at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival, we were honored to both be awarded Fly Tyer of the Year!  We have a wonderful time every year meeting customers and making friends.


In the summer of 2018, we volunteered at the Trout Unlimited Tri-State Camp.  We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our passion for the outdoors with the next generation.


Our Story

One day our Granddad came to visit and brought his fly tying supplies since he no longer used them.  We were hooked!  Over the years we worked on different flies just for fun and our own fishing.  When we showed them to our teachers and neighbors they told us they were impressed.  
We both want to study engineering in college, and each year tuition seems to grow faster than our college funds.  When we were 11 and 12, we decided to launch our own business and save any and all profits for college!  That's why Flies=MC*2 (money for college for 2 brothers).
Along the way, we have been learning a great deal about website development, advertising, marketing, inventory tracking, finances, networking, and customer relations.

Every spring, we volunteer at our local kids fishing days.

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